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In the game of chess, white always has the opening move. While a match can’t be won by just one single move, it can certainly set up a person to be in a better situation depending on what they go with. 

Here is a look at the four best chess openings, based on the first move, a person can go with. Each move can set up a chess opening that puts a player in a good position to win. Of course, what happens after the opening is going to determine the final outcome.

1 e4

A lot of people go with this as the very first move because there are so many different openings that can be used off of this. The Roy Lopez, the Sicilian Defense, the French Defense, and the Italian are all very popular build off of this first move.

Depending on the type of player a person is, this is arguably the most versatile option to go with. When playing someone new, most people try to feel out how good the other player is by starting this way.

Why is it so popular? Not only does it control the center, but it also allows the bishop and the queen to move freely. It also is a quick way to pull off castling if that is the goal.

1 d4

This is the other very popular move that has a lot of openings to branch out on depending on how the other person plays. There are a lot of defenses to go with, including The Slav Defense, The King’s Indian Defense, the Grunfeld Defense, and the Nimzo Indian Defense. A player can also go with the Queen’s Gambit if they wish.

The beauty of this is that a player can control the center immediately while freeing two different pieces from the back right away. A player can be very aggressive right from the first few moves, or bluff and be defensive.

1 c4

Not interested in going with the first two moves? This is a great option for those who want to start with the English Opening. It’s a sound start to a match, and it helps speed up the process of castling the king to protect it quickly.

Not everyone is going to want to go with this move, simply because there is less versatility. However, it is something that might catch an opponent off guard a little bit. Having this opening in the arsenal is something that might come in handy for players.

1 Nf3

Finally, this is another unique opening for people who are looking to catch their opponent a little off guard. It might not seem like the perfect opening for some people, but others really enjoy going with this initial move, and then starting with the Reti Opening.

There are some chess players who will be completely thrown off with this opening, so use it to be a little less predictable if possible. It might open up a clear advantage from the beginning, and the opponent is constantly forced to play catch-up.

Tips to remember at all times

Having the first move is a clear advantage in chess, and it is a complete waste to let it go. Play actively and aggressively from the very beginning to ensure that you keep that advantage for as long as possible.

Opening up the game in several different ways will add a lot of depth to any game. Nobody wants to be completely predictable when they are playing. It is not going to allow a person to grow as a player, and it is going to be pretty easy to figure out exactly what the strategy is.

It might seem creative to go with a move on the edges of the chessboard, but it’s not going to work against any quality player out there. There is a reason why these opening moves have been so popular over the years. Have a few different options that work, and go with the flow for the rest of the match. In most cases, a person’s win percentage will go up quite a bit as long as they are following along with some of the basics that players have been using for quite a while.